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The Daily Mail’s Problem With Cheese

by | 9th, February 2011

IN today’s Anatomy of a Daily Mail Scare Story we look at cheese and how it will kill you.

The Mail reports:

Eating large portions of cheese on a regular basis could increase the risk of bladder cancer, according to new research.

The research is not perfect. The researchers said that the “numbers of people in the study may be too small to conclude that cheese is a major health threat”.

Or as the Mail then puts it:

It’s thought diets high in started fat may explain why Western populations have the highest rates of bladder cancer in the world.

In other Daily Mail cheese news:

It’s Not Crackers – Cheese if Good For you… Here we look at popular varieties per 100g slice… Feb 1, 2010

We learnt that 1oo grams of cheese is good for you!

Or as today’s cheese cancer story told us:

“Scientists found the risk increased by more than 50 per cent in those who ate more than 53g, or around 1.8oz a day…”

On 03 January 2007, Mail readers learnt that cheese was a junk food – and that was utter nonsense:

The National Farmers’ Union described the decision as ‘ nannying gone mad’. ‘To suggest there is anything inherently harmful about cheese is absurd,’ spokesman Anthony Gibson said. ‘There is no such thing as a bad food. It is just how much of it you eat, in what balance and how much exercise you take.’

In May 2010, we got:

A piece of cheese a day could keep the doctor away, research has found.

But not all cheeses are equal:

It is a cocktail of heroin and cold medicine that can kill your child – and it goes by the name ‘Cheese’. Police in New York are on alert for a wave of deaths as young children get hooked on the latest fad drug to sweep the city. – 12th October 2010

Say Cheezzzeeeee – and die!

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