Anorak | Julian Assange: Björn Hurtig Says Wikileaks Founder Victim Of Leaks (Oh, The Irony)

Julian Assange: Björn Hurtig Says Wikileaks Founder Victim Of Leaks (Oh, The Irony)

by | 9th, February 2011

WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange: Another days and with another media frenzy at the court where Julian Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden.

In court, we raised an eyebrow as Assange’s lawyer Björn Hurtig stood in the witness box and alleged that Swedish prosecutors had leaked information to the press. Oh, the irony.

Assange has been accused of rape in Sweden. The alleged victim claims she wanted him to wear a condom (photos), and he didn’t. refused to wear a condom against their wishes.

In the dock we’ve also seen former Swedish appeals judge, Brita Sundberg-Weitman. She told the court about the prosecutior chraged with getting Asange to Sweden, one Marianne Ny:

“[She has a] rather biased view against men. I think she is so preoccupied with the situation of battered women and raped women that she has lost balance.”

And then we meet Geoffrey Robertson, QC, acting for the defence. He says it was consensual sex.

On the rape allegations, he said what Swedish law called “minor rape” was not regarded as rape in other jurisdictions since it did not involve coercion, force or a lack of consent. He described “minor rape” as “a contradiction in terms”.

And we already know from Assange’s dad that young Julian can’t be a rapist because he’s up for a Nobel Prize.


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Jemima Khan (left) leaves Belmarsh Magistrates Court, in south east London, after attending the extradition hearing of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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