Anorak | Snail Found In Tesco Duck Wrap Stars On BBC Show

Snail Found In Tesco Duck Wrap Stars On BBC Show

by | 11th, February 2011

THE Tesco’s fusion cuisine Hoi Sin Duck Wrap contains an added bit of crunch: a snail.

Sue Gray, 39, chomped down on her fancy sandwich and bit into a live snail. Her teeth shattered parts of its shell.

Says Sue, who works at the BBC:

“I was in the newsroom at work eating it and then I crunched something which I first thought must be a loose filling. When I saw a piece of shell, I immediately spat the rest of the wrap out on to the packaging and saw the snail. The girl sat next to me was horrified and I felt awful. I ran to the toilets straight away to wash my mouth out and clean my hands.”

Yep, exactly, readers. What about the snail? Sure your mouth has been challenged, Sue, but  what about the snail that has just lost its home and had it’s skeleton cracked open?

Sue has other concerns:

I’m just pleased I didn’t eat it as it could quite easily have made me sick. I haven’t been able to eat any sandwiches since unless I’ve made them myself.”

Sue says Tesco offered her a refund but it “wasn’t good enough“. If she’d have eaten the French treat she fears she could have fallen ill.

Meanwhile, the snail writhes in agony, waiting for the BBC to notice and dash it off to Animal Hospital, where its shell will be painted by Rolf Harris and the body sent to the Jemima Puddleduck Snail Refuge in Bray..

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