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Countdown Anaslam: Nintendo Wii Abuses Players

by | 11th, February 2011

PEOPLE playing a Nintedndo Wii version of Countdown are “SHITHEADS”.

Not out view, but that of the game’s makers. But Victoria Smith says she is no “SHITHEADS” and neither is her son Oliver, 3, whom she bought the game for to try to improve his vocabulary by playing the conundrum – a nine-letter anagram for “SHITHEADS”.

The lad puzzled over the anagram “SHAHSITED”. What could it mean? And then the legend was reveled. Of course: “SHITHEADS.”

Says mum:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes as the word was slowly unveiled as an obscene insult. Oliver is a really bright kid and we play this game to help him build up his word bank.”

Not that bright is he, mum? How could a child who plays Countdown on his Wii not get SHITHEADS?

“He was already asking what the word meant. My husband Daniel had to rush him out of the room.”

Dramatic stuff, readers. But there is a silver lining: mum says her son will never play the game again. Hurrah! He wins!!!! Back to fighting, shooting and kicking. Who needs words when you have your fists and a massive gun?

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