Anorak | Egypt: Wael Ghonim, The Muslim Brotherhood And A Beyond Parody Galloway

Egypt: Wael Ghonim, The Muslim Brotherhood And A Beyond Parody Galloway

by | 11th, February 2011

WAEL Ghonim is not only famous for being named after a Lulu Shout – he’s also the popular face of the protest in Egypt. The protests in Egypt have been leading the news agenda for days. Nothing is certain other than that the protests are a big news event.

On the TV, Western commentators arrive on camera to talk about Egypt and the will of the people.

Fox News knows:

A senior Egyptian official confirms to Fox News that President Hosni Mubarak will step down shortly and transfer authority to the Egyptian Higher Council of the Armed Forces as Egypt’s state TV says Mubarak will address the nation Thursday evening.

CNN  knows:

One senior Egyptian official told CNN that Mubarak is expected to announce that he is yielding power to the nation’s military, although the information minister denied on state television that the embattled leader is stepping down.

And everyone knows about the Muslim Brotherhood:

The usual suspects arrive on cue – oh, the indefatigable irony:

And amid the deluge of opinion you find some sense:

America, the Europeans and Israel have no policy or a changing one. Mr Mubarak has been in power for 29 years, and there is abundant evidence that Americans and Europeans were well aware of the nature of his regime, yet they lent it unflinching support. Everyone was well aware of the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood; so it is surprising to read both the protestations about support for democracy and euphemistic encomiums to the Muslim Brotherhood that appear with increasing frequency in the foreign press.

Anorak reader Percy has been watching the Google employee who was arrested by the police:

Wael Ghonim, Google’s marketing manager in the middle east,has managed to talk & walk like an Egyptian , without being beaten up nor tortured by the secret police. This Facebook freedom fighter is fast becoming the hero of Tahir Square.

I’m adding Wael Ghonim to my facebook friends list. I wonder if he has any good pics of his time in prison to share – probably a bit difficult to take with the poor lighting & a blindfold on.

But for now, until I sign up, found some pics of Wael, the famous facebook freedom fighter & hero of Tahir Square, talking & walking like an Egyptian on that other revolutionary social networking site… YouTube.

The Facebook fight for freedom has just begun.

Back in the real world Hosni Mubarak is preparing to put the protesters back in their place and will neither walk nor talk like an Egyptian. As a result, I am removing him from my Facebook friends list. No more likes from me Hosni!

He makes a good point. This is televised revolution.

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