Anorak | Obama And Other Idiots Suck Up To Racist Muslim Brotherhood: Photos

Obama And Other Idiots Suck Up To Racist Muslim Brotherhood: Photos

by | 12th, February 2011

THERE are people in Trafalgar Square talking about solidarity with Egypt. One man holds up a sign says “Freedom For Palestine”. From what: Hamas or Hezbollah? Maybe both. You can take your pick of all manner of nutters in the Middle East you’d like to be free of. Maybe the Free Palestinians can wave in the Muslim Brotherhood, who are all for a free Palestine: one free of anyone who disagrees with fundamentalist Islam.

As for Egypt’s freedom… Well, what comes next? They are free of Mubarak. Are they free of the US? No. Not yet. Maybe. Obama is vacillating: Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper tells the House Intelligence Committee that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular“.

Robin Wright reflects and sums up all we know:

Finally, the Arab world’s old authoritarian order is being shattered, whatever happens next. With Egypt accounting for roughly one-quarter of the Arab world’s 300 million people, the transition of political power in Cairo will have widespread effect across the twenty-two nation bloc. From Casablanca to Kuwait, Tripoli to Damascus, Egypt’s transition will affect every other Arab country in some way-small or large, direct or indirect.


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People in Trafalgar Square, London, celebrate in a day of solidarity with Tahrir Square in Egypt.

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