Anorak | David Cameron’s Big Society BS Meets Small Minded Muslims In East London

David Cameron’s Big Society BS Meets Small Minded Muslims In East London

by | 17th, February 2011

DAVID Cameron’s been at Toynbee Hall to make a speech on welfare reform. Dave humbly calls it “the most ambitious, fundamental and radical changes to the welfare system” since it was created.

It might be part of Dave’s Big Society. But no-one understands what Big Society means, least of all Dave who says it’s his “mission in politics”. When you’re mission is a vague mish-mash of cloudy bollocks, achieving it may be possible or impossible. The bollocks may even be the mission.

It also makes it hard for the weak Opposition to nail, whereas any decent Labour leader would have just blown it away.

But politics is so self-serving and smug that Miliband and Balls are probably dreaming up their own version of Big Society, something like New Look, The Fifth Way, or any other empty phrase that can stand in place of substance.

Meanwhile outside, Cameron met some opposition in the form male Islamists holding A4 sheets of apper with slogans daubed on them. They look like a gaggle of angry mini cab drivers picking up at the airport:

“HANDS OFF AFGHANISTAN” – The Taliban saw it first

“DAVID CAMERON GO TO HELL” – Who needs punctuation?

“WOMEN ARE PROVIDED FOR UNDER ISLAM” – Well, can you see any complaining in the photo?

“STOP WASTING MONEY KILLING MUSLIMS” – When it’s more cost effective to let them kill each other

“ISLAM IS SUPERIOR TO CAPITALISM” – Is capitalism a religion?

“DAVID CAMERAS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME” – No, sir, you are most welcome

It really is pathetic…

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