Anorak | Reuters Staff Say They Are As Powerless As Egyptians Under Mubarak

Reuters Staff Say They Are As Powerless As Egyptians Under Mubarak

by | 17th, February 2011

HOSNI Mubarak is ousted in Egypt. The Egyptian Army rejoices that someone else from their ranks gets the keys to vaults and Thompson Reuters uses the moment of history to attack the Newspaper Guild of America:

In a letter circulated Friday shortly after Egyptian protesters succeeded in ousting Hosni Mubarak from his 30-year autocratic rule, the Guild, which represents 420 U.S. Reuters employees (mostly editorial staffers, of which there are 2,900 globally), circulated a letter that seized on the timing of the revolution, which Reuters journalists have been covering.


“Historians will consider in years to come what was at the heart of this upheaval but what seems evident now is that it sprang from long-running and expanding inequality between Egypt’s rich and poor, powerful and powerless. When the poor and powerless unite, though, they can speak with a loud voice,” reads the letter, which was also posted online. “From Tahrir Square to Times Square, inequality is something Guild members know about, especially this week as Thomson Reuters released stellar corporate results for last year and the last quarter.”

To the cells with the lot of them!

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