Anorak | Facebook Sex Paedos: Jake Ormerod, The Daily Mail And Desktop Perverts

Facebook Sex Paedos: Jake Ormerod, The Daily Mail And Desktop Perverts

by | 18th, February 2011

FACEBOOK. SEX. Gangs. Children. The Daily Mail’s front-page headline is heavy of buzzwords:


The news is base don goings on in Devon. A letter has been sent to students at schools in Torquay, Paignton and Teignbridge. Local man Jake Ormerod, 19, (Sky says he’s 20) has been charged with engaging or inciting a girl to in sexual activity and of sexual touching. Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating offences against as many as “vulnerable children“.

Says the Mail:

Parents of 16,000 pupils have been sent stark letters warning that internet predators may be trying to groom their children for sex.

Paedos on the web is getting to be like cancer and cigarettes. You know cigarettes are bad for your health, and thanks to the media you know paedophiles use the internet to make contact with children.

Police believe at least 20 pupils – and fear as many as 50 – have been ensnared on Facebook and other social networking sites over the past three years.

But the Mail makes Facebook the enabler. Were the children ensnared on Facebook? Can you be trapped on a website that can be unplugged?

The victims are thought to have been plied with drink and drugs before being abused or raped. Some were as young as 12.

On Facebook? Is there a “ply” button on Facebook?

In a bombshell letter, signed by headteachers, parents were told there was no need for alarm. But it added: ‘The safety of your child is never more important than at this crucial time.’

No need for alarm. Unless you read the Mail. Or heed the words of Torbay councillor Jenny Faulkner, billed as – get this – “children’s champion”:

“Children need to be careful and vigilant. If they are going home, they should go straight there. Don’t go about alone – go in groups of twos or threes or fours.’ And she urged worried parents: ‘Just watch your children.”

How’s that for championing the kids – sending them straight home in fear? Worried mums and dads may care to read Sky’s report:

Parents have also been reassured that the investigation did not involve individuals grabbing children from the street – they believe that the people responsible know the youngsters involved.

Detective Inspector Simon Snell says:

“There appears to have been all manner of grooming taking place, which may have occurred on the internet,’” he added. “We are keeping an open mind with regards to Facebook, Bebo and other internet sites. We have interviewed around 20 children so far with regard to offences connected with child exploitation. We may deploy officers to interview further children.”

So. How did the Mail arrive at “50” children being victims? Is 20 not enough? And then there is this gem:

Detectives have dismissed links with other inquiries of a similar nature such as that of Asian sex gangs in the Midlands and North.

So, why mention it..?

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