Anorak | Eurovision: Romanian Entry’s Lead Singer David Bryan Caught In Web Sex Caper

Eurovision: Romanian Entry’s Lead Singer David Bryan Caught In Web Sex Caper

by | 18th, February 2011

EUROVISION Sing Contest 2011: Meet David Bryan, the English-born lead singer of Romanian entry FM Hotel. Bryan will represent Romania in Dusseldorf. He will sing Change.

And he’s already carving out a reputation in the tabloids. Reports are that a woman known as GL met Bryan on the internet. The 21-year-old got chatting with Bryan online. She sent him a photo of herself. He got on the webcam and – yep – allegedly  masturbated in front of her.

His girlfriend was, reportedly, in the next room. And, apparently, he was unaware his web camera was on.

The masturbate has triggered a mass debate (geddit?!):

Romania’s national television TVR will host the TV show and the debate over David Bryan’s starring roll in the local tabloid press, questioning whether he should represent Romania at the Eurovision event.

This site says the conversations went like this. (Thanks to Google translate the messages sound a lot better than they would in proper English.)

fan: I Do Not Want money .. I’m exceptional year, and Is not:))
fan: i like to make people
fan: happy
davebry01: well, sleep with me THEN
davebry01: hahaha
davebry01: THEN ill Be Happy
davebry01: =))
davebry01: We Have a problem
davebry01: I have a girlfriend
davebry01: But
davebry01: Ill Be Moving Soon
davebry01: alone
davebry01: in pieces
davebry01: But i want you! Meet and We Can WE go to my hotel
fan: tx :))))
davebry01: fuck, i get so horny thinking about HAVING wild sex with you
davebry01: lol
davebry01: outside
davebry01: in the open.mmmm
davebry01: lol
davebry01: But, Because I’m a star, paparazzi and is hunting me, We Have to go to the hotel: damn
davebry01: i need to shut up!
davebry01: lol
fan: But .. maybe .. if We Want Some We Will get minutes for us.
davebry01: We Can try
davebry01: Somewhere in the toilets
davebry01: :))
fan: :))) I’m Softer Than this
fan: But …
davebry01: i like the adventure
davebry01: lol
davebry01: But I Would Have a bed rather
davebry01: lol
davebry01: normal
fan: ok THEN … WE go to the hotel

Conversation 2

davebry01: : -*
davebry01: I like pictures so that
davebry01: : x
davebry01: should I give more
davebry01: = p ~
davebry01: when you give me a sign
davebry01: buchurest maduc the Eurovision over 4 days
davebry01: if you can sneintelnim
davebry01: the juice
davebry01: or … something else if you want:>
davebry01: : -*
fan: :))))
fan: thanks for the invitation anyway, again …
davebry01: hey
davebry01: this is the official invitation
davebry01: yesterday was just words …
davebry01: : p
fan: I do not like the allusions of any kind
fan: with or without invitation, we will see
davebry01: you are so beautiful to me, first I wanted to talk not
davebry01: that I thought I did not want to …
davebry01: the IEA have searched me
fan: they are so beautiful to you?
davebry01: daaaaaaa
fan: Is that why you said you like my picture
fan: : X is actually the first time today when I see it.
fan: :))
davebry01: yes
davebry01: I like pictures
davebry01: Can I see your webcam?
admirer: well … i do Have a webcam, But i do not want you to see me so soon.
fan: But, do you Have one?
davebry01: yessss: X do you want to see?
fan: YESSS
davebry01: OK THEN, tell me know, What wuold you like to see?
davebry01: my head is my town? :>
admirer: well, i want to see … Both baby
fan: But it’s hard Cause they is Far Away from Each Other … lol: P
davebry01: lol … Do not Be That baby sure is very long … xxx … is a big one …:>
fan: mmmm … THEN let me see it, I’m so excited …
davebry01: Well tell me, What wuold you do to me?
admirer: well baby, just WE Need a bed and Some hendcops
fan: i like it hard … and deep …
davebry01: how hard?: x
fan: I would like to link you to bed eyes and then I continue with a very erotic massage with my just bobs,
fan: I Would like to see thne your face while you all over you I’ll Licking sexy body: X
davebry01: Gush ooo … I’m sooo damn horny funcking Baby: I feel like a Bich X: X and i love that … do you?
fan: listen baby … do not give me … I’m your slave Bich and you were my, one of the hot and the sexiees
davebry01: Tell me more …: X I Will fuck you all night long: X
fan: Get Me if You Can … But I’m sure you will.: D
davebry01: yes baby, Be sure, I’ll give you a very intense orgasm …
fan: if you do that I’ll suck you in a very pro way: X
davebry01: ooo baby … I’m so horny … do you want to see?
admirer: no baby, I’ll see you in person how good and strong … and btw you have your girlfriend Have you in the house now … soo go for her …
davebry01: Neah … instead I prefer Costin masterbenz …
davebry01: Will you enjoy watching … my little bitch and pro X?
fan: yess i do! let’s go!

Conversation 3

davebry01: hmmm … look this is my best friend ….
davebry01: Can You take it of? X
fan: Be sure … i love it: X I have a long neck and you CAN go deep with you best friend: X
davebry01: a my god … I’m going to like …: X: X
fan: What? Baby I’m dissapointed … so quick …:- w
davebry01: no baby … is hot … no longer to resist masterbenz.
fan: So what you gonna do when I see one?
davebry01: Well baby That depends how long you CAN keep me hot: P
fan: ohhh … i get it;) well we’ll see this … When we’ll Meet
davebry01: Baby I Can not Wait: X the sooner the better …

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