Anorak | Shrien Dewani: 300 Dead And Menzi Simelane Accuses A ‘Monkey’

Shrien Dewani: 300 Dead And Menzi Simelane Accuses A ‘Monkey’

by | 20th, February 2011

SHRIEN Dewani: On November 13, 2010 Anni Dewani was killed on the couple’s honeymoon in South Africa. Anni’s body was found in the back of Zola Tongo’s taxi on the morning of Sunday 14 November. She had been killed by a single bullet. Tongo alleges Mr Dewani set the thing up.

Mr Dewani denies any wrongdoing. South African prosecutors want him to return to there. He is reluctant to do so. He is due before City of Westminster magistrates on March 23.

Menzi Simelane, the director of South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority says Mr Dewani is “someone who murdered their wife while he should be celebrating their honeymoon”.

How’s that for keeping an open mind?

South Africa’s police chief, Bheki Cele has called Mr Dewani a murdering “monkey“:

“A monkey came all the way from London to have his wife murdered here. Shrien thought we South Africans were stupid when he came all the way to kill his wife in our country. He lied to himself.”

Simelane adds:

“As a matter of fact, Mr Dewani is a fugitive because he ran away. He ran out of a country [where] there was a warrant of arrest for him. So as a fugitive, we then informed Interpol that we would like an international arrest warrant issued for him. So he was flagged internationally and he can’t go anywhere, basically.”

Mr Dewani has hired Max Clifford to deal with the media:

Publicist Max Clifford said it was “absolutely frightening” that its director of public prosecutions Menzi Simelane had already accused Mr Dewani of a “heinous crime”.

What of the evidence? The Telegraph says Mrs Dewani’s knickers were below her knees and her dressed was pushed up. They say there were bruises on her legs.

Robert Mendick and Dan Newling opine in the Telegraph:

It throws doubt on the official police claim that she was the victim of a clinical execution on the orders of her husband Shrien Dewani, who is facing extradition to South Africa over the honeymoon killing.

It does?

Experts hired by her husband Shrien Dewani say the bruises shows the killer may have been trying to pull her legs apart and that the raised hand indicates a struggle. They believe the evidence shows Mrs Dewani, 28, may have been shot accidentally as she struggled to resist being raped.

What of the alleged killers, Mziwamadoda Qwabe, 25, and Xolile Mngeni?

TWO men arrested over the violent killing of a British businessman’s bride were tortured into confessing by South African police, their lawyers claimed today.

They said one suspect was “beaten all over his body” with a torch during questioning over the death of 28-year-old Anni Dewani, while the other was punched and had a plastic bag put over his head.

So. They were made to lie?

His [Qwabe’s] account of events mirrored that given to police by Zola Tongo, the taxi driver, who testified in court that he and his accomplices were paid 15,000R (£1,400) by Shrien Dewani, 31, a businessman from Bristol, to kill Mrs Dewani. He was also able to lead police to the casing for the bullet used in the murder, and the murder weapon itself.

The Guardian says police brutality is all too common:

Almost 300 deaths in police custody were recorded in 2009-10 by South Africa’s Independent Complaints Directorate. Seven people were “tortured” to death, the ICD found. Amnesty International is also concerned at allegations of police torture in South Africa – including suffocation and electric shock. Mary Rayner, Amnesty’s South Africa researcher, said: “There are very serious incidents occurring involving specialised crime units. The confidence with which these methods are used suggests a worrying feeling of licence.”

The phones:

A key piece of evidence in the case against alleged honeymoon murder mastermind Shrien Dewani is the Blackberry cellphone he is alleged to have used to call and SMS hitmen. And police are believed to be in possession of it.
In a transcript of court proceedings detailing Dewani’s December bail application appeal in the UK, Mr Justice Ouseley said Dewani’s Blackberry had been stolen on the night of his wife Anni’s murder in Gugulethu on November 13.

Ouseley said that, after the killing, which Dewani is suspected of having orchestrated, he had co-operated with South African police, even giving officers his Blackberry’s PIN code.

“His departure from South Africa was agreed and assisted, albeit at a time when the South African authorities’ investigation was not as advanced as it is.
“He assisted by providing the password to his Blackberry, which was stolen. There are indications that it was recovered,” Ouseley said.

The murder of Anni Dewani has been turned into a made-for-media event, with the celebrity spokesman and South African officials making accusations. It makes us asks one question: who speaks for Anni Dewani?

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