Anorak | Bahrain Royal Family Orders Army To Shoot The People: Army Obeys (Video)

Bahrain Royal Family Orders Army To Shoot The People: Army Obeys (Video)

by | 20th, February 2011

BAHRAIN: The ruling Royal Family has ordered the Army to shoot protesters. The Army has obeyed. Prince Charles visited the place in 2007. Here’s what one report had to say:

The state’s ruling Al-Khalifa family have been in power since 1783 and their relaxed and informal nature is said to make them a favourite of Britain’s royal family.

Their laid-back attitude is infectious:

Why is the ruling Family afraid? A voice from Pearl Square sounds out the revels’ demands:

There is also a striking uniformity in what the people gathered there say they want. There is little appetite for the abolition of the monarchy; they want, instead, its reform. “The monarchy has to reform or be thrown away,” opposition leader Ebrahim Sherrif told me earlier in the day. Mr Sherrif will play a major role in the negotiations with the government that will now begin.

“We not saying to the royal family ‘you’re not part of this society’. We are saying ‘you are welcome to be equal, but not to be above the law’. We don’t want to overthrow the monarchy. We’d like to see a UK- or Spanish-style constitutional monarchy. A republic does not solve the problem – we had republics in Tunisia and Egypt and they were the first to be overthrown,” he said.

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