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British Government Helps Gaddafi Murder His People: Blood On The Sand

by | 21st, February 2011

LIBYA: This is today’s AFP/Getty picture in yet another brilliant Guardian piece on the Libya uprisings.

This is Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (The Sword of Islam) on Libya’s state television station. He says civil war is close unless order is restored. He’s wrong of course. When 250 people are murdered by State troops it has gone beyond a civil disturbance.

Muammar Gaddafi’s son was on the box to defend his father’s 41-year rule of Libya as protests spread to the capital Tripoli following the bloody and terrifying murders of protesters in Benghazi. The death toll is thought to be over 250.

Thought to be because along with the murder of citizens who dared to voice annoyance at Muammar’s 41 year of absolute tyrannical rule the State suppressed all communication from the stricken country.

There is so little coming from the country the Guardian and others have had to resort to the journalists’ last desperate throw of the news dice and started a ring round of people who “once” knew Libya. These former in-country diplomats could sound at least a bit more informed than nude nudge wink wink governor.

There so few facts but here are a few.

This is the dictator who invites foreign dignitaries and journalists to a tent in the sand to talks which are filled with the stench of Muammar Gaddafi’s farts as his makes direct comments on the thoughts of the world’s greatest and good sitting at his prayer mat.

This is the terrible regime which has supported and encouraged world-wide terrorism. It is the country which has admitted involvement in Britain’s worst mass murder -Lockerbie.

It is the country which suborned outgoing British Premier Tony Bliar (in yet a another fart-filled discussion in a well-publicised mock tent dwelling in the blood-soaked desert near Tripoli) into signing a Prisoner Transfer Agreement in exchange for a promised release of the lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. It happened and the supposedly dying bomber is still in a safe spot somewhere near Tripoli.

Anorak did tell you.

This is the government which was so hated Maggie Thatcher’s Government supported and allowed its air-bases to be used to bomb Tripoli. (The Great Farter’s adopted daughter was killed in the raids).

This is the government which has the key to so much oil-wealth Britain’s BP oil company has sought and gained exploration rights.

This is the country there will much international hand-wringing as the rising and crushing and rising continue…not for the bloodshed but the loss of revenue to the power-brokers who have their dirty and vile fingers in the Libyan pie.

One last fact. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi who is predicting “rivers of blood” in the Libyan sands does not spent all his time in the heat swatting flies…he has a multi-million home in London….no doubt there’s a large Granny flat to entertain his dad when the inevitable happens.

Perhaps there’s just time for a wake-up call for pro-democracy movement in the UK?

All that would be in my opinion of course but then, as the Guardian so often says, Comment is Free.


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