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Man Bags Can Ruin Your Life

by | 21st, February 2011

THE British Chiropractic Association (BCA) says man bags are “responsible for causing serious back injuries on wearers”.

No, not as the man bag user is kicking and punched on the ground by real man with proper satchels. It turns out that carrying the man bag might hurt your back. And it is specifically the man bag and not any other kind of bag.

The BCA said its research showed that 66 per cent of British men suffered from back pain and 60 per cent of British men carry some kind of man bag.

Er…? For anyone who thinks this is utter nonsense, Tim Hutchful of the BCA says:

“The bags serve a purpose, so we need to become more savvy in how we use them, whilst learning to read our bodies and know when we’re placing too much pressure on certain points.”

The bags serve a purpose…? Can he be more specific?

The association warned users to keep the straps short, alternate which shoulder the strap was placed on and not fill it with heavy items in order to prevent back problems.

And use a briefcase or Sherpa, like a grown up…

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