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When Libya Was The Model Of A Saved Rogue State Gaddafi Never Changed

by | 22nd, February 2011

LIBYA: Remember when Colonel Gaddafi was the model for how the enemy could be brought in to the fold? The Colonel never abandoned terrorism. Sure, he renounced it publicly and thus allowed the US to restore full diplomatic relations in 2006. He turned his back on WMD.  But he sends in warplanes against his own people.

Nothing changed.  He never changed his ways. Libya never changed. The West just changed it view to suit the moment.

Gaddafi acted out of fear that after Saddam was beaten in Iraq, he would be next on the Americans’ list. America acted out of military necessity. The UK was driven by money.

Gaddafi know says:

“I will not leave the country, and I will die as a martyr.”

If he wants to be martyr and serve his country, the self-styled “leader of the Arab leaders, the king of kings of Africa and the imam of the Muslims” should leave Libya now.

Was anyone fooled?

American and Iraqi officials have stepped up their criticism of Syria in recent days in what some analysts believe is the beginning of an attempt by Washington to repeat the “Libya model” – total political and economic isolation to compel a U-turn in regime behavior. – Nicolas Blanford, Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 2005

The proposal being negotiated in Beijing for ending North Korea‘s nuclear program would include agreement to turn over all equipment it bought from a disgraced Pakistani scientist, the New York Times reported.

“This is the Libya model,” the Times quoted a senior administration official as saying, referring to Libya’s decision in late 2003 to turn over all of the equipment it had purchased from the secret nuclear network run by Abdul Qadeer Khan, to produce fuel for a nuclear bomb. – Reuters, Feb 2007

They Weren’t Fooled

Libya’s decision last December to renounce its unconventional weapons programs has been hailed as a “model” for other rogue states willing to come in from the cold. Indeed, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi–once scorned by President Ronald Reagan as “the mad dog of the Middle East”–today appears on the brink of international rehabilitation. But to embrace Tripoli is to embrace tyranny: Gaddafi’s regime is among the most despotic in the region, as well as a significant source of instability and violence across Africa. If the Bush administration is serious about a “forward strategy of freedom” for the Muslim world, it cannot afford to turn a blind eye to Gaddafi’s internal repression and international adventurism.Tomas Donnelly, AEI

But Western engagement will not rehabilitate Qadhafi. He is a megalomaniac who has ruled supreme since seizing power in 1969.Throughout his rule, he has employed a mix of Islamism and Communism to monopolize power and turn Libya into a totalitarian state. Under Qadhafi, loyalty to the regime is of paramount importance. Membership in trade unions or political parties is a crime punishable by death.

Nor has the Western embrace weaned Qadhafi off terror. Despite his newfound legitimacy, he remains committed to violence and mob rule. In an August 31, 2006, speech, he said, “You have to be ready to annihilate your enemies, because your enemy has no mercy for you.” Saif al-Islam, Qadhafi’s son and heir apparent, shares a similar outlook. Mohamed Eljahmi, National Review, Feb. 2007

Gaddafi was never won. This was him in 2007:

“Libya has not been properly compensated, so other countries, like Iran and North Korea will not follow his lead. This should be a model to be followed, but Libya is disappointed because the promises given by America and Britain were not fulfilled…

“And therefore those countries said we are not going to follow Libya’s example because Libya abolished its programme without any compensation… This destroyed that model… no-one is going to follow that model as a result.”


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