Anorak | Wristband Indicates Wife’s Menstrual Cycle: Worst Tampon Ads Ever

Wristband Indicates Wife’s Menstrual Cycle: Worst Tampon Ads Ever

by | 23rd, February 2011

THE ‘Help for Husbands‘ bracelet has been invented by Karl Dorn to show men when women wearing the thing are suffering from PMT.

It’s an idea. And that’s all it is. There is no working prototype and no patent. Says Dorn:

“Through my research I’ve found out that women’s body temperatures increase at certain times of the month. This little wristband would be temperature sensitive and change colour.”

It is, of course, an utterly hideous idea. In an age when invisible panty liners are what the go-ahead menstruating woman dancing in her knickers or paragliding on telly is wearing, the idea of adverting your cycle on your wrist is only going to sell in a joke shop.

Maybe men should wear the thing in an effort to solicit sympathy from other saddos keen to advertise just how hard their life is?

Let’s take look at the worst and most sexists tampon adverts ever:

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Spotter: Karen

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