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Horse Racing: Banned Horse Names

by | 24th, February 2011

NOT all names for race horses are approved. The British Horseracing Authority – formerly the Jockey Club – decides which names are acceptable. As it states:

Every Owner or ownership group must register a unique name style to assist in the administration of racing. It is this name that will be used when entries and lists of runners are published.

2.1 The following names that apply to all catagories of ownership in Chapters 2 and 3 are not available for registration:

2.1.1 names already on the register, compiled and maintained at the Racing Calendar Office;
2.1.2 names of more than 40 characters, including signs or spaces; or
2.1.3 names of which the Authority considers are too similar to a name on the register.

3.1 The following restriction applies to sole Owners as provided for in Rule 31:

3.1.1 names of which the Authority are satisfied that the person concerned is better known publically by their assumed, screen, stage or pen name than their real name.

4.1 The following restrictions apply to companies, Business Partnerships, Racing Partnerships and Joint Ownerships as provided for in Chapters 2 and 3:

4.1.1 a name which the Authority considers is suggestive or has a vulgar, obscene or insulting meaning; may be offensive to religions, political or ethnic groups; is in poor taste; to be inappropriate use of names made up of internet site addresses; may otherwise cause offence; may cause confusion in the administration of racing or betting; or is the name of a prominent Company, Product or Trade except where registered for that Company or Body Association.

5.1 The Authority may refuse to accept or cancel any registration as provided for in Rule (A)25.

The banned names:

Chit Hot

Chocolate Starfish

Choke the Chicken

Curl One Off

Dick Face

Harry Azzol

Harry Balls

Harry Monk

Hugh G Dildeaux

Hugh G Rection

Hugh Gass Kisser

Hugh Gorgy

Hugh Janus

Ima Hoare

Ima Goodlay

Ima P Ness

Ima Rapist

Ivanna Humpalot

Ivanna Threesome

Ivanna Tinkle

Major B Oner

Norfolk Enchants


Pee Nesenvy

Willie Be Hardigan

Spank The Monkey

The Fokker

The Gobbler

Jack Schitt

Amanda Mount

Anita B Jaynow

Anita Bath

Anita Longerman

Anita Mandelay

Anna Reksik

Annie Position

Annie Rection

Are Soles to You

Arfur Foulkesaycke

Ben Derhover

Ben Timover

Betty Swallocks


Slippery Dick


Little Knickers

Noble Locks

Big Tits


Who Gives A Donald

Passing Wind

Hoof Hearted


Dirty Sanchez

Foxy Fanny

Muff Diver

Peony’s Envy

Wear The Fox Hat

Sofa Can Fast


Anna Bortion

Betty Phuckzer

Ben N Syder

Ben Jackinoff

Cockney Wanker


Cunning Stunt

Cupid Stunt

Curley Pubes

Dick Bush

Dick Cheese

Dick Cumming

Dick Cumoff

Dick Fizintite

Dick Hertz

Dick Hungwell

Dick Gozinya

Dick Lipps

Dick N Cider

Harry Balzitch

Harry Scrote

Hucking Fell

Ima Homeau

Ima Reillycumming

Jack Inoff

Jack Me Off

Neil Anblomee

Neil Enlick

Neil Ensuck

Ohowie Dickter

Pee Ness

Willie Fisterbottom

Anita B Lojob

Anita Blackman

Anita Dick

Anita Hardcock

Anita Pussy

Anita Hanjaab

Anita Hoare

Anita Dickinme

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