Anorak | SAS Poised To Grab Gaddifi’s Collar: British Troops Hunting Libyan Leader

SAS Poised To Grab Gaddifi’s Collar: British Troops Hunting Libyan Leader

by | 27th, February 2011

LIBYA and Gaddafi: THE SAS home camp in Hereford saw a lot of activity on Wednesday and Thursday this week and Old Man Anorak got a couple of tips one of the UK’s elite fighting units was likely to be heading south.

It was decided to say nothing and wait and see. Not a long wait since last evening the announcement was made two Hercules aircraft had flown into the Libyan desert south of Benghazi to airlift civilian oil-workers. Last night’s news came after the “extractions” , the arrival of the first plane in Malta and hinted of a bridgehead airstrip where the civilians had been told to assemble.

Those messages to assemble were probably delivered by paler-skinned Arab gents with a slight West Country accent. The SAS was originally formed for desert behind enemy lines fighting and still has many of its members fluent in Arabic languages.

It is thought 500 civilians remain to be rescued as the UN also took it’s most stringent steps yet to condemn any member nation by imposing sanctions on Gaddifi, his family and henchmen. All are being referred to the International Criminal Courts for offences thought to have been committed in the killing of Libyans during the last week’s civil unrest. One problem may be that Libya has never signed up for membership of the International Courts System (nor has the USA).

Economic and personal sanctions were also imposed.

Australia has moved immediately to restrict all financial transactions and bar any Gaddifi family member from entering Australia. The US had already acted unilaterally a couple of days ago.

Anorak has given you a hint which way the wind was likely to blow.
No word yet on how Britain’s establishment which was so keen to suck up to the Gaddifi’s regime is going to react and snatch the vast hoards sitting in London’s Banks and British Pension Funds.

Picture: The neo-Georgian luxury Gaddifi home in Winnington Close London. Eight bedrooms and its own security company. It was bought by an off-shore company in 2009.

There is the obvious target of the House of Shame the £multi-million London home of (The Sword of Islam. Oddly this has just gone up for sale. This is the home where Gaddifi’s son, and projected nepotist successor, directed the moves which lead to the release of Britain’s worst mass murderer the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.
Cynical old journos and politicians recognise there is always a huge gulf between what governments say and do but the trade off with Libya for Megrahi and oil and arms deal with vile Gadiffi’s cabal have blown up in British (and to a limited extent US) faces.

The UK’s power-brokers met and treated with an alleged state hard-line murderer (The Sword of Islam) to gain a financial advantage and no matter how Civil Servants and Politicians wriggle, on this one the game is truly up.

Another little tip and in advance of the event would be to watch any web cams you can see peering out over the Strait of Gibraltar.

Those massive grey shapes you just may see slipping through are part of the USA Sixth Fleet (The Atlantic Fleet). A couple are Indian Warships going in collect citizens. The other bigger ships are likely to have a much deadlier intent.

One question. Does anyone live close to RAF Lakenheath?

Noticed the increased activity there?

One thing is for sure, those Hercules planes going in for the rescue mission are certain to have had a strong air-cover protecting them.

It would also probably not be prudent for the now disorganised Libyan mercenary desert army to travel too far into the southern sands.
They could be taken by surprise by an quiet voice murmuring (with a slight West Country accent): “Can I help you matey?” – AW


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