Anorak | North Korean Soldiers Starving: Army to March On Kim Jong-eun’s Stomach

North Korean Soldiers Starving: Army to March On Kim Jong-eun’s Stomach

by | 28th, February 2011

IN North Korea, the people are starving. Not all of the mind. Kim Jong-Il’s son Kim Jong-eun has been fattened up as an emergency source of protein for the hungry.

Yonhap reports on the Paek Hwa-seong, who slipped over to the boarder to south Korean by disguising himself as a twig:

“I was 155 centimeters high and weighed 42 kilograms when I entered the military, but my weight was reduced to 31 kilograms in two years. My hair almost fell out after turning yellow and I was bony.”

Hear that, people. We should invade North Korea now. If not us then the model agency scouts.

Says Lee Yun-gol, chief of the North Korea Strategy Center, a Seoul-based conservative private think tank, adds:

“Kim Jong-il spends about US$10 million a year for his health, but the People’s Army, called the army of the leader, and other people are starving to death with no rice to eat.”

North Korea says its just part of the psychological warfare:

In the meantime, the south Korean puppet military did not hesitate to commit such unpardonable crime as letting balloons carrying baskets of clothes, rotten videos and books fly to the areas of the DPRK side.

Anyhow, the group of traitors is seriously mistaken.

It seeks to undermine the socialist system in the DPRK, which displays its dignity by dint of single-minded unity and Songun, and waver its army and people’s faith with mobilization of such human scum and foul things. But this is a foolish daydream that can never be realized.

Maybe the Army can march on Little Kim’s stomach..?

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