Anorak | Wear Pollinator Frocks To Attract Wasps And Butterflies

Wear Pollinator Frocks To Attract Wasps And Butterflies

by | 2nd, March 2011

GOOD news for ant petters and wasp ranchers is that  Swansea Metropolitan University boffin Dr Karen Ingham has created Pollinator Frocks.

For a  fee, you can wear a top or dress decorated in a floral print that has been coated with an iridescent sheen to attract bugs. And that is not all.  The fabric contains “substances imitating nectars”, sugars like sucrose and fructose.

Says Dr Ingham:

“While the dire predicament of the world’s bees has been widely publicised, the situation facing other pollinating insects is not as well known… The excitement generated by interacting with something as beautiful and ephemeral as a butterfly rekindles our connection with the wonder of the natural world, a connection we are in danger of losing,” added Dr Ingham.

Ah, yes the butterfly perched on your shoulder – not to be confused with the swarm of angry wasps, large buzzing bee and tribe of soldier ants crawling up your smock…

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