Anorak | Elton John Feeds Zachary Breast Milk – From A Breast

Elton John Feeds Zachary Breast Milk – From A Breast

by | 3rd, March 2011

ELTON John is feeding his son Zachary breast milk. Very possibly from an actual Muslim male breast:

I asked Elton John if he was cloth diapering Zachary. He looked at me a second and then replied “Well, we use proper nappies.“  I knew immediately that had to be a yes, but to be sure that I did not give false information I had him clarify for me what exactly  “proper nappies” were.  I asked, so are they reusable or do you throw them away.  He said “Well they’re proper nappies, cloth”.  You know how awesome I thought that was?  Celebrities cloth diapering.  Wow…Elton John cloth diapers his son!

It get’s better…

After seeing how important this sort of thing was to me, Elton then informed me that Baby Zachary is thriving off of an awesome diet of Breastmilk!

Whose milk? Whose breasts?

Image: Kevin Sharkey’s Father And Son.

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