Anorak | At Home With Rod Stewart’s Son Sean And Chantel: The Pale Puff Daddy

At Home With Rod Stewart’s Son Sean And Chantel: The Pale Puff Daddy

by | 8th, March 2011

SEAN Stewart, son of Rod Stewart, leaves his black shirt unbuttoned to just above his gazey navel, crosses his legs and allows the arm he’s using to dandle a flute of champagne be cradled by his finacee Chantelle Dreeson. Behind them is a black grand piano and a roaring fire.

Chantelle sports long legs, very blonde hair and a copy of what looks like an Archie comic inked onto her right forearm.

They look like a parody of Amsterdam hoteliers welcoming a party of rural German swingers. The interview promises to be special.

Later he leans on a big black car that looks shiny and expensive. She holds a dog on a leash. It looks like a husky.

He then changes into a gray pair of slacks, matching waistcoat (open) and a white shirt. Like the black one, it is not buttoned up too high. He rests his chin on his left hand, which is at the end of a painted arm. He looks like he’s thinking about something truly deep and knowing, or else he’s wondering if he overate at lunch.

In the words that go with the photos, we soon learn that Chantel is engaged to Sean, Rod’s eldest son, and also married to one Jason Kendall, her second husband.

Says Chantel:

“I think people who scramble into marriage are trying to prove something.”

Hello! seems to run out things to talk about and tells readers:

“Sean has been sober for almost two years, Chantel for 18 months.”

We think about putting the magazine down and clapping. But Sean does not need our help – he’s out to support himself. Says Sean:

“I used to get support from my dad but I’m getting to that age where I want make it on my own.”

Sean is 30.

He wants to be an actor, and star with Chantel on a “possible” new reality TV show. This is setting up your own business LA style. Says he:

“I want to do it all. I want to be a version of Puff Daddy.”

He could be a pale version, literally. And he’ll need a name. What about Please Daddy? Or Who’s Yer Daddy?

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