Anorak | Is A Pete Doherty Doppelganger At Work In Germany?

Is A Pete Doherty Doppelganger At Work In Germany?

by | 9th, March 2011

DOES pop fuckwit Peter Doherty have a doppelganger who robbed a record store in Germany. Doherty is in Germany recording a film called “Confession of a child of the Century” (which would make him 11 and below the age of criminal intent.).

Reports from the Bavarian city of Regensburg are that three men were seen breaking into a music store, where they stole a guitar and records, and someone says one of them looked a lot like Doherty.

A German newspaper reports (translation via Google):

Doherty has received a subpoena from the police. In the afternoon, the musicians will be questioned at an undisclosed location to reproach. In addition, said police spokesman Michael Rebele the MDGs, the officials wanted to know from him who he was in the night in question was traveling in Regensburg.

A search of the hotel room on Tuesday evening had brought no further evidence. With a search warrant judicial officials had Doherty’s room in a hotel Regensburg combed through stolen property – without success.

Doesn’t the translation make it sound authentic Doherty, a story where the subject and alleged caper are in harmony? The words sound like they’ve been spoken by man talking in a stupor.

There’s more:

In the narrow Kramgasse they saw three young men before him, all three obviously drunk. The woman hears the miners speak English to each other. When she passes to the trio departs, you the man in the middle – they see in his face: “It was Doherty, I’ve known him very clear,” said the witness. The woman continues, when she heard a clatter behind him: it turns around and sees how one of the three men bending into the window of a record store. The Regensburg Erin calls short time later from her home from the police.

No word from Doherty, who must be presumed innocent…

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