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Britney Spears Is An Airmopped Audrey Hepburn: Photos

by | 9th, March 2011

BRITNEY Spears is posing seductively for Out Magazine. Before the photos that are less airbrushing than airmopping, Britney says that she was once Audrey Hepburn, in a former life.

Hepburn went to the great tomato in the sky in 1993.  Brit was hatched in 1981.

Other than that they are two peas in a pod: one a petite pois, the other a marafat pea ready to be mushed.

The interview is great:

When you were starting out, whose career did you want to mold yours after?
Madonna. No question. She is an amazing entertainer. Besides Madonna, I also admire Sarah Jessica Parker’s career and her shoe collection.

Are there any of your songs that you wish you hadn’t recorded/you don’t really love?
No. All of my songs are f–ing amazing.
If you hadn’t become a superstar, what career do you think you would have chosen?
I was in seventh grade and it was career day and I remember thinking that I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. I always knew I would be in this business somehow. I think this path worked out way better.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten and who was it from?
My mom said when you have a bad day, eat ice cream. That’s the best advice.

And airbrush. Always airbrush:


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