Anorak | Ant McPartlin Decked In Row Over ‘Girlfriend’

Ant McPartlin Decked In Row Over ‘Girlfriend’

by | 10th, March 2011

TV’S Ant McPartlin has been punched in the face in Chiswick, West London.

We are given an insight into the scene in the Sun. A “thug” approaches. He asks:

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

Hello… Is married Dec playing away? No. The Sun explains:

The taunt referred to Ant’s comedy partner Declan Donnelly.

An Eyewitness named Giedrius Kudzinskas (which might be Geordie for “Gertcha!”) says:

“Ant didn’t react and this bloke launched himself at him and punched him in the face. Ant reeled back and then a big fight broke out as his mates came to help him. Other people jumped in and held back the other guy.”

Attacking Ant and Dec is a bit like punching a munchkin, or a toddler. But surely, Georgdie Ant is tough enough for Chiswick, that middle-class enclave of Home Counties mores in west London?

Giedrius, who spoke to the married star afterwards, said: “He was furious about what he had said to him.”

He described the yob, in tracksuit bottoms and a beanie hat, as “a teenage rudeboy“.

A teenage rudeboy? Is this less a tale of casual violence in Broken Britain than a warning to Geordies as to what can happen to you in London?

Anyhow, it was huge deal, worthy of the Sun’s front page. As the pub’s landlord landlord John Wilson says:

“I’m not aware of any violent situation.”

But it was a “big fight” in a public place?

A spokesman for Ant confirmed the £5million-a-year ITV star was hit but wouldn’t be taking the matter further.

Such are the facts…

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