Anorak | Kate Moss Highlights Dangers Of Inhaling Jan Moir

Kate Moss Highlights Dangers Of Inhaling Jan Moir

by | 11th, March 2011

PRO smoking campaigners were last night hailing the decision to print the Daily Mail on smoking paper thus enabling readers to burn and inhale Jan Moir. Says one smoker:

“What’s one more poison?”

Says local woman Kate Moss:

“Jan Moir is my role model. I once spent an entire Friday afternoon wearing a Jan Moir face mask and chucking pebbles and then big rocks inside a greenhouse. The first week was pretty good fun but by week three I was feeling drained and began to doubt that what I was doing was worthwhile. By the fourth week I was desperate. I started listening to records by gay Stephen Gateley and speeches by un-gay Fred Phelps – anything to reawaken my inner Moir. But now that I can inhale her essence right from the page, I feel reborn.”

Surgeons warning: Smoking Jan Moir can turn you heterosexual.

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