Anorak | Daniela Martins: Me and Nani’s Money – A Manchester United Primark Special

Daniela Martins: Me and Nani’s Money – A Manchester United Primark Special

by | 13th, March 2011

DANIELA Martins is WAG to Manchester United’s Nani. She is the subject of a NoTW piece trailed: “I still buy my clothes from Primark!”.

“When I go shopping at Tesco I look for bargains. Nani loves Müller Crunch Corners and I get them when they’re on special offer. You can get six in a deal for £2.96. I’d never buy just four because you can’t save money that way.

“And Nani loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts so I buy the big box because we save doing that.”

Nothing says thrift like spending more.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love designer gear, shoes by Christian Louboutin and Prada handbags, but I know how to compromise.”

Although if Prada did yoghurts, Daniela might find cause to review her shopping habits:

Nani and Daniela are not your usual celebrity couple. Even when the pair do buy top-label stuff they get a twinge of shame.

Like forgoing the supermarket own-brand ketchup for Heinz?

“There was a charity do in September and we went shopping for outfits,” recalls Daniela. “I saw a beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress but it was £3,000 and I couldn’t justify spending that – I can buy dozens of dresses for that amount.”

So. You bought a dozen dresses in Primark?

“So I left the shop and tried to find something cheaper. But Nani finally convinced me to get it because he knew I loved it.”

Whaddaguy! And what a bargain hunter:

“And I had to persuade Nani to get his white Lamborghini. He needed a new car and fell in love with it – it’s a limited edition and was expensive (£150K).”

Well, he did need a car, and Primark don’t sell them yet…

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