Anorak | Helen Wood Attacked In Fanny’s Pub By Wayne Rooney Fans

Helen Wood Attacked In Fanny’s Pub By Wayne Rooney Fans

by | 9th, August 2011

HELEN Wood has been kicked in the face at the Victoria Inn in Markland Hill, Heaton. The Bolton News refers to Wood as “Rooney woman injured in pub attack“.

The story begins:

“A WOMAN who claims she slept with Wayne Rooney for money was attacked following a row in a Bolton pub after revellers taunted her about her alleged affair.”

Wood is a 24-year-old mother of one who used to work as a prostitute. In interview, she has proven to be erudite, intelligent and makes a compelling case for the legalisation of prostitution.

The drinkers spotted her and began to chant: “Rooney, Rooney.”

Isn’t the world a fair place. The woman who claims the married footballer who trades on his public image and love for Coleen shagged her gets the grief – the footballer gets the plaudits.

The attack left her bleeding from a cut on her nose and with bruises on her face. She also claims that her mobile phone was stolen in the incident, which happened at about 12.30am on Sunday.

Anyone looking for a little light relief in this story, can enjoy this:

Security staff at the bar, which is known locally as Fanny’s, had one man pinned to the floor after the incident, but they let him go and he left.

Fanny’s. The Number one spot for Manchester United fans – but, oddly, not the players…

Helen Wood

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Wood is, reportedly, the other woman who shagged Wayne Rooney in a lesbian threesome with Jennifer Thompson. The Manchester United player got Wood in a package deal, allegedly. NSFW Video: Wayne Rooney’s Jennifer Thompson Sex Tape Helen is 23 and a single mum. Wayne’s own wife, Coleen Rooney, is not a single mum – yet – but she will surely take it a boost to her confidence that her husband might not only shag childless women but someone whose body has been through childbirth.

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