Anorak | Sarah Harding and Theo De Vries produce most hideous story of 2012

Sarah Harding and Theo De Vries produce most hideous story of 2012

by | 6th, January 2012

SARAH Harding has been the subject of three Sun front pages this year. Harding is the reality TV star who won a place in Girls Aloud. She is now “troubled” Sarah Harding who thought it a good idea to show her wounds and bruises to the Sun.

(Does Sarah Harding have an agent? Might it be time to get a new one? Showing your wounds is pandering to the media agenda that no female pop star can ever be happy. It also damages your career.)

The front-page headlines so far:

Jan 5: ” He got me by the throat”
Jan 6: “My secret addiction to pills”

The story is that Harding got into a fight with her now ex-boyfriend Theo De Vries at a hotel in Innsbruck, Austria. Both Sarah Harding and Theo De Vries have posed for photos in the Sun, showing off their bruises. We in the court of public opinion get to hear both sides of the story. The Sun should run a phone vote in which the first 12 callers gets to decide which or both should go to jail.

Said the Sun on Jan 5:

“Black and blue Sarah Hardings yesterday showed off her battered body to the Sun.”

On January 3, the Sun featured Theo De Vries on its page 5. The Sun zoomed in a “shiner” on his “right eye“. We saw the “bite mark” on Theo’s thigh. We heard him say:

“It’s vey dangerous. I have a big scar on my leg now with five teeth marks.”

Bother De Vies and Harding have told their grim stories to the police. They met in rehab. Harding was “hooked on booze“. De Vries was a “Dutch sunglasses salesman having treatment for crack cocaine and alcolol addiction”.

It’s a grubby story that makes both parties look bad. The police will investigate who did what to whom. But in the meantime, Fleet Street Fox has some advice for one and all:

“An affair with someone you meet in rehab is a fucking stupid idea.”


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