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Stephen Lawrence: A Michael Bunn in the media oven

by | 8th, January 2012

STEPHEN Lawrence’s murderers Gary Dobson and David Norris could have their sentences lengthened if they fails to tell the police the names of other members of the gang that committed the racist killing. So says the Sunday Mirror. Gary Dobson and David Norris are embarking on 15 years and 14 years sentences, respectively.

The Sunday Times says:

Detectives are reportedly letting them “stew” for a month before attempting to question them in their high-security prison. It’s there that they will be told that their sentences will be extended if they refuse to cooperate with police.

The Sunday Mirror speaks with a “source”:

They will be told that if they don’t admit their guilt and show remorse they’ll serve a lot more time. That would include showing they are sorry for their crime as well as helping police catch the other killers.”

Prisoners have access to newspapers in jail. The media is playing its part in stewing Stephen Lawrence’s murderers. But Norris and Dobson may yet appeal. Any stewing will be on a very low heat.

Senior barrister Nick Wilcox is quoted:

“The most obvious way to show remorse is to reveal the other killers.”

Or just admit to their own guilt. Or to discover God.

The justice system is banking on a confession. Dobson and Norris are conniving and lying killers. They know the Crown has to find evidence other killers murdered Stephen Lawrence and make a case to be put before a jury.

The Sunday Times then introduces “a possible sixth member of the racist gang that killed Stephen Lawrence“.

Speaking for the first time, Michael Bunn — a childhood friend of the killers — said he had been questioned more than a dozen times since the 1993 murder.

But never charged?

Bunn, 37, was named as an “associate of the Acourts” in a report by Sir William Macpherson. He and Blue Stuart, a cousin of the Acourts, were identified as looking similar to the “sixth man”.

Bunn denied any involvement. Asked whether he feared prosecution, he replied: “That has come in my mind . . . [but] I know that they can’t put DNA towards me so that doesn’t bother me. And I know that if they did come up with anything like that then I would know that it’s a big stitch-up.”


“I’m sorry to see what’s happened to the boy [Lawrence] but at the end of the day I would rather see the right people go to prison than the wrong people. That’s why when they [the police] were trying to fit me up for things and that, I said ‘No’”…

“As kids they were nice boys. My mum had them around here and they were never rude . . . When I was growing up, I was just like every other kid my age. Knives and that came years later. Before that, if I had a problem I wouldn’t go out with a knife, I used my fists. Whether you lost or won, you were treated with a lot more respect.”

Stuart has said:

“I’m trying to run a normal life and lead a normal life. It’s got nothing to do with me and never had anything to do with me.”

Names are being bandied about but with what evidence? None. Norris and Dobson were convicted by hard evidence. Will they now turn grass? Will 25 years in choky loosen tongues and succeed where the corrupt police failed..?

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