Anorak | Russell Brand and Katy Perry reveal ordinary, boring, spiteful marriage

Russell Brand and Katy Perry reveal ordinary, boring, spiteful marriage

by | 10th, January 2012

RUSSELL Brand and Katy Perry are getting divorced.

Marriage is supposed to the union of two people who are perfect for each other. A union of souls! Two hearts entwined! Alas, most marriages only serve to harvest resentment, lay trowels of gloom on your libido and inject jealousy and spite into your increasingly mundane life.

So, you have children to stave it off for a while, only for your children to add more spite and resentment to proceedings before you have a spectacular and ignored breakdown which screams inside you ’til your insides are deaf.

When celebrities get wed, they’re no different. Look at Russell Brand and Katy Perry. They let go of their wild past and settled down with each other. Of course, they could’ve been really cool and had a swinger’s marriage, but no, they opted for the whole ‘bitter and seething’ thing that befalls so many.

Apparently, open-minded and free-thinking Brand became incredibly jealous of Katy Perry’s close relationship with ex-boyfriend Travie McCoy (according to very trustworthy sources, natch). He got all flustered because Perry went to McCoy about her relationship troubles… y’know, like people do all the time?

“They’d often speak at strange times of the night because they travel a lot,” a source told Heat. “It’s fair to say that she opened up to him about how hard her marriage had come. Travie never really ‘got’ Russell or their marriage.”

In addition to that, Heat also claim that Perry’s close friendship with Josh Kloss – the model who appeared in her ‘Teenage Dream’ video – was also a cause of concern for Brand. Meanwhile, Brand admitted earlier this week that he began to crave his promiscuous past while married.

So there you have it. They could’ve had something beautiful, but they chose to have the archetypal, dull marriage which ended in the predictable divorce.

At least their wedding had an elephant in it.

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