Anorak | What gifts Kate Middelton and Prince William got in 2011: Prince Harry got laid

What gifts Kate Middelton and Prince William got in 2011: Prince Harry got laid

by | 10th, January 2012

WHAT gifts did Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – score for their post-wedding tour?

We know that the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex (Eddie and Sophie) accepted expensive gifts from members of the Bahraini royal family and other dignitaries in the repressive Gulf state, including two “suites of jewels”, a “silver and pearl cup”, a pen, a watch and a silk rug. In 2010, Prince Andfew had mad the same trip and scooped a watch, a pen, a Dilmun seal — a Bronze-Age artefact — a knife and a model of a Rolls Royce car (posisibly twice as large as a real one).

Other gifts accepted in 2010-11 are:

Prince Andrew – a puppet by the Vietnam Business Forum, an iPad from Sir Jonathan Ive, a bag of rice from a Pakistani dignitary, a laser-engraved egg in China.
The Queen – a block of amethyst from the president of Namibia, and two aprons and four stuffed koalas in Australia.
Prince Philip – “a tea towel and mug illustrated with images of Queen Victoria”

So. what did Wills and Kate scoop? WAs it just two cowboy hats, 20 framed pictures, one teddy bear and two mosquito traps? Did it get any better than the four coasters offed up by the Sheriff-Coroner of Santa Barbara County, California?

From Canada:
A ball point pen, wooden heart box with charm bracelet, two polar bear lapel badges, tartan fascinator, rag and porcelain dolls, dresses and jackets, hand painted scarf, wicker flower basket, two mosquito traps, three pairs of shoes, a bottle of whiskey (now we’re talking), game boards and pieces, leather-bound invitation to Parks Canada, two chef’s jackets, four plates, quilt, wooden humidor, children’s drawings, bottle of icewine, three red hockey jerseys (duh), Aboriginal bronze, books, cowboy hats, caribou antler snow goggles, a framed facsimile of the First Treaty of the First Nations of Canada, and a dog toy. Lest we forget, the royals are petless—but maybe it’s a little something for the queen’s corgis?

From the U.S.:
A teddy bear (aww), iPad (sweet!), wine coasters, bread board, newspaper clippings from the Chicago Daily Sun & Times, earrings, DVDs, framed film still and a selection of medals. Apparently, Americans are big on hospitality, but short on gifts.

From New Zealand:
An apron, carved and inscribed building fragments from Christchurch earthquake, books, baseball caps, a block of jade, scented soaps and hand towels, and books, books and more books.
From Australia:

Some jewellery, cricket hacket, Akubra hat, commemorative coins, sleeping bag, Aboriginal craftwork, wooden mantel clock, papier-mâché model, and, the piece de resistance, a jar of Vegemite. And yes, that last one was given anonymously

Not too shabby.

When Prince Harry went to the US he just got laid – allegedly

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