Anorak | Take Me Out sex scandal with filthy carpets and explicit Facebook photos

Take Me Out sex scandal with filthy carpets and explicit Facebook photos

by | 11th, January 2012

IN the “TAKE ME OUT SEX PARTY SCANDAL”, the Sun uses its front page to tell readers of a “2-day boozy bash”; “Mansion trashed”; “Mob’s obscene pics”.

Take Me Out is the Saturday Night TV show watched by people slumped in front of the telly and not going out. The Paddy McGuinness-fronted dating show is “a televisual representation of chucking out time at your local nightclub, as 30 shrieking women compete to date one man” while dressed like extras from a Hollywood sex-and-sandals slave auction.

At the end of rounds in which the male introduces a video of himself being nice to his mum and showing his muscles, the women ask innuendo-laden questions and the man performs a 30-second talent act, the ladies show their interest by keeping their light lit – white means he’s well in; red means he either has to pay for it or has no chance. McGuinness then utters the best catchphrase on British telly, “No lighty, no likey.

This is the backdrop for the Sun’s story, which follows the week’s earlier news that contestant Aaron Withers’ punched a woman named Amy Kerr in the face during a pub fight with her boyfriend Simon Edwards in Frome, Somerset. Withers, a “tarmac worker'” who has advertised himself as a £50-an-hour escort, pleaded guilty and was fined £200 and told to pay £50 compensation to both victims.

So. To today’s shocker:

HORDES of Take Me Out wannabes had a wild sex and booze party at a £4.5million mansion which was trashed.

The group name for ITV gameshow contestants is now officially “hordes“.the house is Wyelands House.

Up to 90 contestants of the ITV dating show, hosted by comic Paddy McGuinness, went to the two-night bash. Many paired up for sex and obscene snaps were posted on Facebook. Drunken mobs ran amok in the South Wales pile. Partygoers told last night how the bash to celebrate the new series turned into a frantic sex and booze tear-up.

One of the revellers told how a flirty party game led to “lots of s******g“.

Got to love thsoe asterists, apprraing in teh SUin,a s they do on page 5, twi pages after readers can see Emily form Warrington’s tits, or t***s, as the prudush Sun would term it.

Anyhow, What was that flirty game that led to all the ************? Christmas is coming and we need advice.

Another said: “There was loads of sex going on — people were doing it in front of each other.” A third told of an “insane” girl who bedded three men and canoodled with nine others during the do at the mansion in Chepstow.

That’s Chepstow for you. But tell us about the game?

And a fourth source claimed “two or three thousand pounds-worth of damage” was caused by drunken mobs who trashed the Grade II listed pile.

The game!!!

Things turned steamy after revellers played a “lock and key” game in which girls are given a padlock and men a key. They circulate until a match is found, then get replacement locks and keys to do it again.

Ok… Padlocks… Key… Don’t lose key or invite Mad Baz…

The Sun says:

Explicit pictures were later posted by some on Facebook.

Really? Explxict picures on Facebook – too explicit for the Sun, with its adverts for a “HOT QUICKEI, Page 3 stunnas and a advie columns headed “WIFE FRIGID”?

Here’s what Facebook says about that:

B. Prohibited Content – Content that is hateful, threatening, defamatory, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

So much for the porn. And is £2k of damage to a massive old house all that much?

A source said: “There were smashed champagne glasses and bottles everywhere. And the carpet got really filthy.”

Phwoar! See photos of filthy carpets at

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