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David Cameron get Jeremy Clarkson Tourette’s

by | 11th, January 2012

ANYONE else suspect that David Cameron sees Jeremy Clarkson’s schtick of saying mildly offensive non-PC things in a loud voice as a way of reaching the people who perceive a loss of free speech in modern life and reassuring them that he understands?

In an interview with the Telegraph, Cameron said of shadow chancellor Ed Ball’s appearances in the House of Commons:

“But I’m very bad, in the House of Commons, at not getting distracted, and the endless, ceaseless banter, it’s like having someone with Tourette’s permanently sitting opposite you.”

Cameron is talking to the Tory voters who might think he’s soft. His words are not accidental. They echo the studied offence of Clarkson, who aims to be the voice for the man blessed with common sense who sees through the PC bullshit. David Cameron has contracted Jeremy Clarkson Tourette’s, a strain of the illness that causes the victim to say non-PC  things to a deadline.

Already this year, Cameron has sidled up to Clarkson – who lives near him Oxfordshire and shares Christmas dinner with Rebekah Brooks – appearing outside Number 10 as part of a Top Gear double-act.

Cameron also stuck up for Clarkson when the Top Gear presenter opined that all public sector strikrs should be shot:

“That’s obviously a silly thing to say and I’m sure he didn’t mean that. I didn’t see the remark but I’m sure it’s a silly thing to say.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband said Clarkson’s remarks were “absolutely disgraceful and disgusting”.

The Guardian says:

Cameron’s Tourette’s ‘joke’ sums up his party’s attitude to disabled people.

So, you see. Cameron is not part of some woolly coalition; he’s a man whose views you are either pro or against. He’s Jeremy Clarkson with shinier skin and no book to flog…yet…

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