Anorak | Daily Mail scare stories of the week: death by a single sausage

Daily Mail scare stories of the week: death by a single sausage

by | 13th, January 2012

SCARE Stories: It’s the Daily Mail – the paper that seeks out news way to die every day:


Page 3: ” Rise in elderly addicted to drink”

Page 3: ” Have at least two alcohol free days, says MPs”

(This is followed by Thursday’s news: “Cheers! How a few drinks relese the feelgood factor in our brains”)

Page 13: “The concrete cancer that is crippling our roads” – Even roads get cancer in the Mail.

Page 19: “Is Peppa Pig making toddlers naughty?”

Page 41: “I lived for 20 yars knowing my mother would kill herself”


Page 3: ” A broken heart could kill you in a day”

Page 11: ” The worried well are warned against taking daily aspirin”

Aspirin raises the “risk of smtomach bleeding”.

Pages 28-29:”Buying asteroid-proof bunkers. Killing their pets. Even planning mass suicide. The families convinced this ancient South American calendar will end in 2012. Ready for Doomsday”

Pages 32-33: “Are you gowing old before your time?”

Page 42: “Could not getting enough sleep give you diabetes?”

Page 43: ” Why a huskly voice can be a sign of a deadly acid attack”


Page 5: “How Fido casuses 3 rows a week”

Study says dogs cause 2,000 rows over its lifetime!

Page 7: “Babies fed by bottle ‘are better behaved'”

So. Babies feed by breast are worst behaved?

Page 18 : “Statins raise the risk of diabetes”


Page 3: Why we miss the buzz when our smart phones fall silent” – smart phone stress is here

Page 9: “High heels ‘are to blame for flat feet'”

Page 15: “As it’s claimed pet dogs make families row three tims a week, one bessotted (but exaspererated) owner’s tale of the …little devil dogging opur marriage”


Page 22-23: “So why is Madonna in love with GLOVES?” Cue a photos of veins in her hands!

Page 24: “Prozac risk to unborn babies”

Page 25: ” Cancer risk of eating single sausage a day”

You dead yet?

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