Anorak | Were Olympic secrets left on train read by terrorists?

Were Olympic secrets left on train read by terrorists?

by | 17th, January 2012

IN “OLYMPIC SECUTIRY SECRETS LEFT ON TRAIN”, the Sun leads with news that a policeman left a “secret dossier” on a public train.

Realising their importance, he gave them to The Sun and we returned them to police.

Stephen Moyes and Mike Sullivan report:

A SECRET dossier detailing plans for policing this summer’s London Olympics was left on a TRAIN.

A cop lost the file but a commuter found it and handed it to The Sun.  Got that? A commuter – not named – found a secret file and handed it to a tabloid newspaper accused of being in cahoots with the police.

This is important because it shows that the Sun is relevant and needed to keep the police on its toes and:

The shocking security blunder could have provided terrorists planning an attack with invaluable data.

It still might have. If the commuter handed it to the Sun what’s to say they didn’t hand a copy to these terrorists? This commuter needs shaking down.

The dossier contained details that would have helped al-Qaeda terrorists mount a devastating attack on the Games in London this summer.

Why Al Qaeda? Why not the real IRA or some other group?

The dossier contains dates and details of pre-Olympics rehearsals, explains emergency “lock-down” procedures and sets out plans to avoid traffic congestion.

Why would Al-Qaeda attack Olympic rehearsals. And is traffic in London a big secret?

Worryingly, names and mobile phone numbers of constables, sergeants and inspectors are included.

Well, the News of The World had lots of them on speed dial. Does the Sun think Al Qaeda is now keeping the phone hackers in work?

What is the purpose of this story aside from putitng the Sun on the side of the angels that speak truth to power and are not so tight with the police that they excuse bad practive ? Well, it soon arrives:

The dossier also reports at length on damning complaints from officers about the radios they will have to use during the Olympics.

Yep. The unanmed commuter and equally unnamed hapless copper have highlighted not only the looming threat of terror but also the fact that the cops are under-resourced:

One frustrated cop says: “Radios NEVER work properly.”

And that radios are “completely unreliable”.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said the papers were not operationally sensitive: “An officer lost his bag containing a number of documents. He reported the loss. The Department of Public Safety have been informed, as is routine.”

So. A bag is left on a train in Dartford, Kent. The commuter ignores the many onboard warnings to leave suspicious bags well alone and report it to the authorities. The commuter goes through the bag and sends the content not to the lost property but to the tabloid?

And that’s the scoop…

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