Anorak | Margaret Court says abominable gays made a godless choice

Margaret Court says abominable gays made a godless choice

by | 18th, January 2012

AUSTRALIAN tennis great Margaret Court says gays engage  “abominable sexual practices. Court, the senior pastor at the Victory Life Centre in Perth, Western Australia, says on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that if “two females have…a child and then they bring up that child, who most likely would come up in that circumstance as a lesbian, I don’t think that’s healthy at all.”

Court sees the shit storm coming her way and adds in The New York Times:

“I think it’s very sad because they [critics] have taken it in the wrong way. I make a stand for both my biblical side, and what I believe. It’s a choice, and I believe there are young people today who need to know it’s a choice.”

According to Court, being gay is a choice. (Barack Obama’s aide agrees.) When you’re in a hole, keep digging, Margaret Court:

“I think people have planted ‘hate’ things, which saddens me. I help anybody, whatever their background. I’m there to help them, to change their lives. I was told one of the tennis girls said, ‘Why do I hate homosexual people?’ I don’t hate homosexual people. That’s been put out there and I think that’s very wrong.”

No, Margaret Court does not hate the gays, she just think they are wrong and need re-educating. She wants to help cure them and place the gays on the path to normality. It’s not hate. It’ s more like pity that you gays have chosen to be abominable and not like normal and god-intended Margaret Court.

Margaret Court does not hate. She just knows that you are wrong and seeks to correct you with her abounding love.

At the Australian Open – where the Number 3 Court is named after Margaret Court – teenager Laura Robson, the 17-year-old British tennis player, has worn a rainbow-coloured hairband in what the Times says is support of gay and lesbian rights.

Robson says:

“It was just a rainbow-coloured hairband. “I didn’t see anything about a protest today. I just wore it because I believe in equal rights for everyone. That’s it.”

Court then goes on the offensive, again:

“Minority groups can have their views, [but] as soon as a Christian stands up, it’s not allowed.”

Brilliant. Not only does Court insult gays but she then claims victim status and that she is the victim of prejudice by a society that helps those “minority groups”.

It’s not her. It’s them…

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