Anorak | Train operators use Total Wipeout tactics to kill fare dodgers

Train operators use Total Wipeout tactics to kill fare dodgers

by | 18th, January 2012

TO Indonesia, where the local fans of Total Wipeout are hanging concrete balls over train tracks to try to enliven the lot of the poor fare-dodging passengers who travel on the carriage roofs (or kill them and give the paying punters a sense of enormous satisfaction).

And that’s not all!

Those zany Indonesians have also coated the roofs in slippery oil and hired musicians to play a throbbing sound track (surely to perform safety songs? – ed) to give the fun still more oomph.

Anyone who survives the concrete balls, the oil and the music faces a time in the Tiswas cage known as “jail”.

And there is more!

Just last year, 11 people were killed, mostly electrocuted by the overhead cables or just losing their balance and falling off.

Says roof rider Mulyanto:

“I was really scared when I first heard about these balls. It sounds like it could be really dangerous. But I don’t think it will last long. They have tried everything to keep us from riding … but in the end we always win.” 

Or die trying.

Plans to equip all UK trains with a surly guard, drunk office workers and an inflatable Allan Pollock are still awaiting approval…

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