Anorak | Costa Concordia: Crew told passengers to return to cabins (video)

Costa Concordia: Crew told passengers to return to cabins (video)

by | 20th, January 2012

THE Costa Concordia story has the victims (11 dead), the blonde Domnica Cemortan, the Captain Francesco Schettino and the slippery crew who fell into a lifeboat and now it has the footage of a member of crew assuring people on deck that there was no need to panic and they can return to their rooms and eateries.

Don’t panic!

RaiNews24 has featured a female member of the crew stating “everything is under control”. The electrical fault has been fixed.

“I’m speaking to you in the name of the captain. We kindly ask you to return to your cabins, or go for a walk in the hall, if you like. Everything will be fine. If you want to stand here, it’s fine. But I’m asking you, kindly, to go back to your rooms, where you can sit down and relax. Everything is under control.”

Any TV filmmakers working on the story must be grinning. If we can just find a celebrity on board, a Mafioso on the run and a tall bearded man called Ozzy Laden in an Arsenal shirt the Sinking of the Costa Concordia will have the lot.

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