Anorak | Daily Mail mocks Etta James in death

Daily Mail mocks Etta James in death

by | 20th, January 2012

ETTA James has died. The Daily Mail signals this passing by announcing: “At Last singer Etta James dies after battle with leukaemia”.

Etta James sang the song At Last. She sang lots of other songs.

At Last was a song written in 1941 song by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren. James recorded her version in 1960. To our mind James is most famous for The Wallflower (Dance with Me, Henry) and her wonderful rendition of I’d Rather Go Blind.

Still the Mail has made it’s choice. The headline looks unfortunate – just as it did last December, when the Mail announced: “At Last singer Etta James terminally ill with cancer.

Once is an accident, or an adolescent joke – twice looks like a deliberate policy to cause offence and make the Daily Mail the story rather than the dead singer it pretends to praise…

Spotter: SimonNRicketts

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