Anorak | Mug Shot: Russell Hofstad ate cat he’d skinned with butter knife

Mug Shot: Russell Hofstad ate cat he’d skinned with butter knife

by | 21st, January 2012

RUSSELL Hofstad is out Mug Shot of the Day. Hofstad has been arrested in Phoenix for skinning and gutting a cat with a butter knife, and then sporting the feline’s tail as a necklace. Mr Hofstad either hates cats or loves them too much.

Police records state that Hofstad removed the cat’s organs and plced them on ice. The skeleton he planned to use as a party decoration.

Hofstad was fond in a business premises he has broken into.

When police showed up, they found Hofstad inside. Officers said he had paint on his face, had bloodshot eyes, and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to records, there was writing on several walls, all of the fire extinguishers had been used, and a fire alarm panel had been broken. While searching the business, officers found the dead cat in the middle of the building. There were screw drivers and clippers next to the cat’s body. 

When questioned, Hofstad claimed he had not eaten for some time. The building’s owner, who discoverd Hofstad tells media:

“I asked him how many cats he had eaten and he told me three. I almost threw up. It was bad. And I looked at the mess and there was a lot of mess to clean up.”

Hofstad has been charged with animal cruelty, burglary and criminal damage.

One last thing: what kind of pet would you get if you were starving? Place these four animal in order of dining preference: a) cat; b) dog; c) tortoise; d) mouse.


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