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Golden Wonder security guards ban photographer

by | 22nd, January 2012

TO the top secret Golden Wonder factory in Scunthorpe last week, where two officious security guards are banning a man from taking photos. Within the bunker, the Golden Wonder Oompah Loopahs are hard at work, concocting magical stuff to spray on deep fried potato slices. Security must be maintained.
Hamst writes of his experience on the Visit Scunthorpe website. We had thought that Alex James put the ***t in Scunthorpe, but it turns out others want that honour, allegedly:

On Tuesday 17th January I decided I would travel the Midland Road Industrial Estate via Cottage Beck Road to take some photographs of industry around this area. Passing the Golden Wonder plant I though it would be a good opportunity to take a few shots of the site, it quickly became clear I wasn’t welcome. I was stood on the road outside the site when a security officer approached. I switched my camera to video mode to record the encounter to protect both myself and the security guards from future false accusations. The footage can be seen below. 

Obviously the conduct and tactics used by the two security officers has to be in question. At 04:53 an employee, who can be seen just walking past, is getting into a car behind me can be heard saying, “I’ll run him over ” to which the female officer actively encourages her by saying, “you do that,” that’s when I moved onto the path.

What also aggrieves me is that someone in a uniform representing a company in an apparent position of authority can try and intimidate members of the public by making up laws that don’t exist. This seemed to be an attempt to subjugate a member of the public into accepting what was being told was to be true. Further more hurling offensive insults and puerile slander, like seen at the end of the video, surely isn’t something that someone in that position should resort to.

In conclusion I take their actions to be an exception to the standard practise employed by the many fine security officers up and down the country and I can only assume these two individuals actions are not characteristic of the rest of the security team at Golden Wonder.
We can find no reply from the two guards, but Arbroath says they have resigned.

YouTube link.

Full story here.

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