Anorak | Costa Concordia: New audio proves Captain Francesco Schettino did not abandon ship (full transcript)

Costa Concordia: New audio proves Captain Francesco Schettino did not abandon ship (full transcript)

by | 22nd, January 2012

DID Captain Francesco Schettino really trip and fall into a lifeboat, as he claims? Also in that slippery lifeboat were Dimitri Christidis, the ship’s second officer, and Silvia Coronia, the No 3. Eleven people died when the Costa Concordia ran aground. You can find out why it did so here. But is Captain Schettino a coward, as she has been painted? Did he leave his ship before the passengers? Is Domnica Cemortan right – captain Schettino saved lives and acted with honour?

Why did Captain Gregorio Maria De Falco tell Schettino “Get the f*** back on board”?

A recording of an phone call between Captain Francesco Schettino and the Livorno might be evidence that Captain Schettino was telling the truth. We do not know what time the call took place, only that it apparently did.

The Transcript:

Harbour Master: Captain please how many passengers are there still to get off?
Schettino: We are still trying to tally the numbers here. I believe that we’ve more or less evacuated all of them.
HM: Roughly, because the authorities want to know…
Schettino: 300, maybe 300. HM: So 200 or 300? Schettino: More or less
HM: Only passengers or crew as well?
Schettino: Crew as well.
HM: 200, 300 between passengers and crew out of about 4,000 embarked.
Schettino: I’m going back to the bridge to understand what’s happening…
HM: Captain, is everyone going to abandon the ship or is someone going to stay there?
Schettino: I’m going to stay here… the listing should stop any time now on account of the water we are taking in.
HM: So only you are going to stay?
Schettino: I’m the only one who will stay here.
HM: OK, continue with the evacuation of the crew and we’ll speak later. Keep your mobile so we can get hold of you.


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