Anorak | Tayside police revoke hero’s award because he grew three cannabis plants

Tayside police revoke hero’s award because he grew three cannabis plants

by | 23rd, January 2012

WHEN Tayside police went to praise Adrian Mailer, 33, for administering first aid to an injured nine-year-old boy, they smelt cannabis. They then searched Mr Mailer’s home and found a cannabis “farm“.  (This farm was a small tent in his living room in which he was growing marijuana plants.) The helpful police duly arrested him.
Tayside Police boss Justine Curran detailed his officers to go to Mr Mailer’s home and thank him for his good deed.
A police “source” tells the Daily Record:
“The officers were there to tell him that he had been selected to receive an award. Mailer had helped out when this young boy was severely injured after he was involved in an accident while driving an off-road buggy. But the officers noticed a pungent smell of cannabis from another room. Mailer went from hero to villain in a split-second and was nicked on the spot. It goes without saying that the award was withdrawn.” 
Why does it go without saying? Mr Mailer saved a young life – the boy had “shattered his skull” –  but because he was growing weed plants in his own home he gets no thanks for his quick thinking and knowledge. The police did not pretend not to have noticed the cannabis and maybe mutter a stage whisper about the trouble someone could get into for growing it. Instead, they nicked Mr Mailer, who has sought no prise for his life-saving actions.
 Mr Mailer ends up at Perth Sheriff Court, prosecutor Helen Nisbet states:
“Officers came across a tent, within which they found three cannabis plants. They found fertiliser, lamps and seedlings within a cupboard.”
Three plants is a farm? One in the airing cupboard is an allotment.
Mailer’s lawyer Mark Alder offered:
“He grew the plants for his own personal use.” 
 Sheriff Michael Fletcher fined Mailer £450.
The police really are wasting their time.

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