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Costa Concordia: Titanic news

by | 25th, January 2012

COSTA Concordia: when disaster strikes the media looks through its DVD collection and finds a parallell in fiction and easy history. Predictably, the Costa Concordia became the new Titanic:

TITANIC: “Recounting scenes reminiscent of the film Titanic, survivors spoke of crawling in darkness along upended hallways and stairwells as crockery and glasses smashed around them.” – Daily Mail

TITANIC: “Her father Philip told the BBC: “The ship had rolled on its side so she was ready to jump in the water. She said it was cold and dark just like the sinking of the Titanic.” He tweeted earlier: “My daughter who is a dancer on the Costa Concordia has been airlifted to airforce base near Tuscany. Staff are last to go!!” Adding: “The parent company owns Cunard who merged with the White Star Line in 1934 (owners of the Titanic).” – Daily Mirror


TITANIC: “Many passengers told how the chaos resembled a scene from the 1997 film Titanic, as men and women in elegant evening clothes clambered through dark corridors, clinging to walls as they tried to make their way to the ship’s outer decks.” – Express

TITANIC: “Like the Titanic, the Costa Concordia is being seen as a symbol for troubled times. But both are human stories…This is the cast of the Titanic, updated for another century but immediately recognisable. The two disasters are on different scales of course — more than 1,500 people perished when that great ship went down on April 15, 1912. But as with the Titanic, symbols and myths are already starting to cluster and cling like barnacles to…” – Ben Mcintyre, The Times

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to find out the hero who ensured the Cost Concordia did not drift into deep water…


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Millvina Dean, 91, from Ashurst in Hampshire, one of only three living survivors from the RMS Titanic, studies a painting of the ill-fated ocean liner at a reception at the Science Museum in London. * Millvina was just nine-weeks-old when the ship went down claiming 1,500 lives. The new exhibition shows around 200 artefacts from the historic liner, rescued by submarine from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

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