Anorak | Is the Sun accusing Liverpool of racism?

Is the Sun accusing Liverpool of racism?

by | 26th, January 2012

LIVERPOOL are through to the final of the Carling Cup. Kenny Dalglish’s men and will play the mighty Cardiff City at Wembley. Good news, indeed, to see that Liverpool, a club that has spent part of season mired in a racism controversy with their striker Luis Suarez and their vocal fans have moved on.

The Sun heralds the Liverpool success with the headline . “ALL WHITE NOW”.

No. It’s not a pun on that racism. It’s a pun on the fact that in 1996, when Liverpool last played at Wembley, tehr team dressed in white suits. Really… Really!

Note: number of black players who played for Liverpool in their 3-2 semi-final win over Manchester City: 1.

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