Anorak | Man withdraws mouse from ATM

Man withdraws mouse from ATM

by | 28th, January 2012

TO Ersboda, northern Sweden, where Gholam Hafezi has withdrawn a mouse from an ATM machine.

Is mouse flesh the new currency in Sweden? Are mice animal gold?

Mr Hafezi recalls how he withdrew his cash and spotted what looked like a shoelace:

“I pulled once more and then his tail came off.”

He fetched help from nearbye shop workers:

 “One of them pulled out the mouse, and its head was left intact, although it was a little bloody. Then I got out my receipt.”

Was it a dead mouse?

“I don’t know, but it was certainly still warm.”

Interesting times in Sweden. Was the mouse in the cash machine by accident or design. Was it wearing clogs and speaking Danish? Are banks offering more imaginative free gifts than a bendy calculator and gonk?

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