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Fish cover Northern Ireland Farm

by | 29th, January 2012

TO Northern Ireland, where farmer Gordon Flinn spots his field covered in fish. His daughter Louise tells the Belfast Telegraph:

“It was like a catastrophe, as though the fish had fallen out of the sky. We really couldn’t believe it until we saw it. It really was like something out of the Bible.” 

Repent! Release the Jews from the stables! And get some bread!

It turns out that the fish came not form Heave, but from a lorry that had overturned.

Another witness tells the paper:

“It was some scene! My wife took a call from the police, and when we went and saw the field, I found it hard to take in at first. It’s an accident black spot, so we’re used to hearing about crashes — but you usually don’t get fish delivered. It was a big surprise — there was a whole area of the field that was silver. Incredible.” 

Truly incredible. A lorry overturns in Ireland and there’s not a single Chinese worker or stash of drugs in the back. These are strange days, indeed…

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