Anorak | Cannibal says oysters taste like human eyeballs

Cannibal says oysters taste like human eyeballs

by | 29th, January 2012

THANKS to the testimony of Tyree Lincoln Smith we know that human eyeballs taste like oysters. Smith has been arrested fon suspicion of murdering one Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez.

The Huffington Posreports:

[Smith] allegedly said he was sleeping on a porch of an abandoned apartment building when Gonzalez, a man he apparently did not know, woke him up and invited him in out of the cold. After entering the building, Smith allegedly attacked Gonzalez with an axe, police said.

You know what’s coming:

Afterward, Smith allegedly took the organs to Lakeview Cemetery, where a relative of his is buried. “At the cemetery he said he ate the eyeball, which tasted like an oyster, and the brain matter,” according to the warrant.

Oysters , of course, taste like chilled snot…

Image via Brian Sibley

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