Anorak | Woman ‘steals’ Novak Djokovic’s shirt at Australian Open

Woman ‘steals’ Novak Djokovic’s shirt at Australian Open

by | 29th, January 2012

WHO is the woman in the crowd at the Melbourne Open nabbing Novak Djokovic’s shirt from the grip of its intended recipient?

Would you have done the same.

I once saw Derek Griffiths in panto (Aladdin). He started firing bags of “parrot snot” (actually crisps) into the audience. One went high and wide over my heads. But – and what joy – my dad reached up and plucked it from the air and gave it to me. I have never given a thought to the child sat seven rows back who saw the bag of Wotsits, calculated the trajectory and made his palms and tongue ready. I just beamed. And – know what? – I still don’t care…

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